First Arabesque by Debussy

I need to relearn this


OMG sketchbookincarnate YOU’RE FAMOUS.

Hahahaha she is just da kkoooolllesstt <3 <3 


60 Powerful Photos Ever Captured


I’m so blessed to have amazing mentors who are so influential and powerful and kind.

I have an overwhelming amount of potential that I’m going to show the world.

I need to learn to forgive and forget. Lately I’ve been impatient with too many people. Why is it so hard to be a genuinely good person all the time? Summer goal is to establish a healthy schedule. Namaste ☀️


It’s day 2 at the emergency department and I’m already loving rotations. Yesterday I saw 2 trauma patients and 1 OD just in the morning. Its motivating and inspirational and It’s so REAL and that’s the best learning experience.

After the UCSB shooting news I’ve been thinking a lot about self harm and suicidal ideations again. I can’t wait to learn about this at Dr. Liu’s psych rotation next cycle


Since having a boyfriend and with finals I’ve been slacking with my make up routine (which is literally just 20 seconds of eyeliner application) and just going out au naturale. To be honest, I feel so much more healthy and radiant and real.

Yo tinder is an awesome self-esteem boost and super fun when the boyf plays it with me


Before this year I’ve never attended a funeral. Since January I’ve been to two and there are other friends around me suffering. I’m starting to get in this phase of life I guess… Plus with the increasing crime alerts, I get anxiety attacks just from walking a block away from my frat house to Ted’s frat house. 

The last thing I should be worrying about is my stupid freaking iphone which I dropped in hot boiling water -_-

I don’t want him to look up to me I don’t want him to be lucky to have me

I just want him to be right



Remember that post about where WTC workers were on 9/11? Some were running late, there was some traffic, one guy called in sick, a barista had to remake a latte, some lady’s kid had the flu and she couldn’t come in… all on that fateful day that they weren’t killed.

That’s how I feel about Kappy. If we didn’t pass out beforehand. If Shelly didn’t want to leave early. We would have been there when the shots were fired. Imagine if anybody else was lost… Like Don, before him and Shelly had proper closure. Or Eman, who was right next to him and more targetable (why would you not take out the strong hunky black dude?). And most of us getting home safely, instead of driving back hungover and possibly getting trapped in bumblefuck Midwest by the snow. How we witnessed a room full of strangers from all over the country come together and realize we are not so far from each other after all. We bonded over Kappy. There’s a blessing in disguise in every tragedy and we just have to look for it and be content. That’s what he would have wanted us to do.

We have a guardian angel watching over us now.

His hat matches his shirt :) #creepshot #shroom #tehe everyone loves that he hasn’t given my hat away yet #voms2themax @mr_ted_

I still remember 2 years ago when you sent me anonymous flowers and i freaked out abt my supervisor

Miss you


"I don’t believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from other people."

Eduardo Galeano