To be honest, I need to stop criticizing people and excusing it as being constructive. 

I need to stop being judgmental because that reflects how much I judge myself.

Because I need a break from all the pressure I put on myself. It’s not constructive at all. I’m gonna stop, and I’m gonna actually do things.


I don’t wanna have to resort to drugs


Brains are forever
-an excuse not to work out and read instead

Deleting Facebook is a breath of fresh air

First Arabesque by Debussy

I need to relearn this


OMG sketchbookincarnate YOU’RE FAMOUS.

Hahahaha she is just da kkoooolllesstt <3 <3 


60 Powerful Photos Ever Captured


I’m so blessed to have amazing mentors who are so influential and powerful and kind.

I have an overwhelming amount of potential that I’m going to show the world.

I need to learn to forgive and forget. Lately I’ve been impatient with too many people. Why is it so hard to be a genuinely good person all the time? Summer goal is to establish a healthy schedule. Namaste ☀️


It’s day 2 at the emergency department and I’m already loving rotations. Yesterday I saw 2 trauma patients and 1 OD just in the morning. Its motivating and inspirational and It’s so REAL and that’s the best learning experience.

After the UCSB shooting news I’ve been thinking a lot about self harm and suicidal ideations again. I can’t wait to learn about this at Dr. Liu’s psych rotation next cycle


Since having a boyfriend and with finals I’ve been slacking with my make up routine (which is literally just 20 seconds of eyeliner application) and just going out au naturale. To be honest, I feel so much more healthy and radiant and real.

Yo tinder is an awesome self-esteem boost and super fun when the boyf plays it with me


Before this year I’ve never attended a funeral. Since January I’ve been to two and there are other friends around me suffering. I’m starting to get in this phase of life I guess… Plus with the increasing crime alerts, I get anxiety attacks just from walking a block away from my frat house to Ted’s frat house. 

The last thing I should be worrying about is my stupid freaking iphone which I dropped in hot boiling water -_-