OMG sketchbookincarnate YOU’RE FAMOUS.

Hahahaha she is just da kkoooolllesstt <3 <3 


Last night, I crashed a wedding and kidnapped the groom’s cousin. The drunkass got on his knees to pretend to propose to me in public FOUR FREAKING TIMES. The first time was in the streets, and an old lady stopped shrieking “OHMYGOD I HAVE TO WATCH THIS” and i was like NONONONONO FALSE he thinks he’s being funny BUT HE’S NOT. The second time, he did it in the hotel lobby and the attendants were all laughing their ass off because i kept whining “alexxxxxx stoppppp that’s an empty ring box don’t break my heart like that” and he’d tell everyone who passed by “i love this girl but she won’t marry me… bitch”

I really want this to be my last show not only cuz I need to stop doing these things, but also i don’t want anything to top it. LNA in dec will be so chill.

Last night was perfect. Basically I owe the last few years of my life to my 2 main men kaskade and alex.

I can’t stop crying

Thx4thememz <3 #kaskade #barclays #life #a

My beautiful brick <333 #azo #spc13 #kaskade

wow last night was all sorts of incredible

kaskade why are you so amazing I love you so much <3333